Do my arc flash garments need to be recertified?

Do my arc flash garments need to be recertified?

Current standards, including ASTM F496, call for the periodic recertification of electrical insulating gloves. Arc flash PPE is manufactured to comply with ASTM F1506, which does not require a recertifying process.

It is advisable for the user, before and after every use of an arc flash PPE product, whether it be a coat, pants, hood face shield, or accessory, to inspect the product for damages, including rips and tears, as well as any soiling, especially oil or other combustible material, which could adversely impact the arc thermal protective characteristics of the product. If any damage or soiling occurs, the user should not use that product until cleaning or repairs are made in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer.

Additionally, it is important to never reuse an arc flash protective product after an exposure to an arc flash.

Your arc flash PPE, when properly selected and worn, can save your life, protecting you against the thermal energy of an arc incident, preventing the onset of a second-degree burn. Proper care and respect should be taken in the handling and care of your protection.

Users should keep in mind that the maximum service life the arc flash garment is restricted to 5 years.  At that point it is not safe anymore to wear the equipment, because its protective function is compromised.

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