Oberon Company Videos

Instructional Videos

How to Launder an Arc Flash Suit

How to disassemble an Arc Flash Hood

Product Videos

Escape Strap Action Demonstration

Arc Flash Blanket Cube Demonstration

Escape Strap Explanation

Blanket Cube Folding Mechanic

Product Testing/Arc Flash Events

ASTM F2178 TCG100™ Calorie Hood Test

Meat Packing Plant Arc Flash Incident

ASTM F1930 Flash Fire Testing of GES8+™ Series

Arc Flash Hood Ventilation System and Light Testing

ASTM F2178 LAN2ST™ Hood Testing

Oberon Arc Suppression Blanket Testing

ASTM F2178 ARC100™ Calorie Hood Test

ASTM F1930 Gas Extraction Suit Testing

ASTM F1959 Fabric Panel Test of LAN40™ Series

Oberon FR Shirt vs. Poly/Cotton Shirt

Oberon TCG12™ Arc Flash Shield Testing

Arc Flash of 121 cal/cm² at our Oberon TCG75 Hood (SloMo)

Oberon Machine Videos

Arc Flash Glove Cutting Machine

Oberon's Ricoma Embroidery Machine