Our Heat Reflective Gold Shields Protect Workers

The Oberon Heat Reflective Gold Shield protects you when working around heat sources. Using a thin layer of gold, heat is reflected off the shield to keep the worker cool. Heat-exposed workers in these industries benefit most from the Gold Shield: Steel Mills, Aluminum Plants, Foundries, Smelteries, Titanium Mills, Forge Factories, Glass Productions and other heat-based productions.

Heat Reflective

Protection up to 2000° F

Available in multiple color shields

Available in Hood & Hard Cap

Reduces harmful UV and IR radiation

Great for work in smelters and foundries

What options do I have?

Oberon offers 3 different colors of gold shields with various configurations of headgear and side shield attachments. Select the color of shield below to begin customizing your shield.

Why Gold?

Gold has the unique features of reflecting infrared (IR) while transmitting luminous (visible) light. The eye also has the built-in feature of allowing in more of the mid region (yellow) of luminous and less of the blue and red wavelengths. This gives the user the feeling of having more VLT than the ~30% the Gold on Clear 025 clear gold face shield provides.

While the 048 gold on green provides ~10%, it is still more protection than a pair of sunglasses gives a wearer. The 056 offers ~1% VLT. Other shiny reflective metals like silver and aluminum, will transmit the same amount of Infrared as Visible Light. If silver or aluminum transmitted 30% Visible Light, it would also transmit 30% Infrared.

Understanding the Intensity of the Heat

4 things that will determine the heat you will feel are Temperature, Time, Distance, and Size of the heated Object.

  • Time: The longer you are in front of a heated object, the more heat you will feel.
  • Distance: The further you are from the heated object. The intensity will reduce by the inverse square. (At 2 feet, you will feel 1/4th. At 4 feet you will feel 1/16th)
  • Temp: The greater the temperature of a heated object. The more heat you will feel.
  • Size: The larger the object. The more heat it will give off.

The Connection Between Heat Temperature and the Correct Gold Shield Type

When discussing radiant heat, one should consider the total energy emitted from the heat source. The amount of energy is dependent on the temperature and the mass of the source. For example, a large casting pot containing metal at 1500 ºF would emit greater energy than a small crucible of metal at 2000 ºF, despite the lower temperature itself. Therefore, the correct selection of the Gold Shield depends on the actual heat exposure to which workers and their faces are subjected to.

When to Switch to the Gold Shield?

If the worker is wearing special thermal protective or heat reflective aluminized clothing, the Heat Reflective Gold Shield fits the need for safety. If the worker is currently using regular acetate, propionate or polycarbonate (generic) shields that are warping and wrinkling from the radiant heats, then the Heat Reflective Gold Shield is a great solution.

Gold Shields Deliver Safety and Comfort

The heat source is emitting infrared radiation to which the worker is exposed to. This heat travels in form of electromagnetic waves, which are blocked by the gold of the Gold Shield. The Transparent Clear Gold Shield filters out (blocks) 95% of these waves, the Green Gold Shields 96% and the Dark Green Gold Shield 99%. This reduces the exposure of the worker to the harmful Infrared waves.

The Clear Gold Shield (#025) reduces the brightness of the heat source by 70%. The Green Gold Shield (#048) reduces the brightness by 80% and the Dark Green Gold Shield (#056) reduces by 99%. This compares with an average pair of sunglasses which transmits approximately 10% of the visible light.

The Gold Shield Protects Better Than Generic Windows

Oberon’s Heat Reflective Gold Shield will withstand more heat than generic windows. The gold layer reflects the heat before it reaches the polycarbonate of the shield.

If you have any questions about our Heat Reflective Product line, please Contact Us

Oberon Made in USA

Vacuum chamber with shields coated with gold ready to be taken out of the machine.

How Do We Add Gold to a Face Shield?

In the picture here you see Oberon’s gold pressure chamber, where we atomize 24 karat gold to make our Gold Shields.

First, the pressure in the chamber is brought to the correct level. Once the pressure is correct, the magnesium strips inside the chamber are heated up. This causes the gold to turn to vapor and begin to float around the chamber.

Then the shields are set to rotate around the chamber and pick up the gold vapor. Once the gold is completely burned off the magnesium stripes, the pressure is released from the chamber and the shields are removed.

Finally, the shields are then primed and coated with Oberon’s Silicote-1TM scratch resistant coating. Without this protective coating, simple contact or rubbing would damage the protective mirror.

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