PPE Onsite Audits and Testing

Full Service Equipment Assessment and Dielectric Testing

Are your Rubber Insulating Gloves being tested every six months?

Onsite PPE Assessments

How do you keep track of your PPE inventory? Does your team have the right PPE they need to effectively and safely perform their work tasks? Is managing your PPE inventory a challenge?

We can help with an onsite PPE assessment and review. We can work with you to provide an initial onsite PPE audit and a go-forward plan to manage all of your electrical specific PPE, tools and equipment testing and certification.


  • Complete electrical specific arc flash and shock PPE review
  • Written report provided with observations, recommendations and corrective actions
  • Identify PPE that requires testing
  • Establish PPE inventory list for internal tracking and maintenance purposes

Rubber Insulating Gloves

Rubber Insulating Gloves are designed and constructed to act as a barrier between the user and the energy/voltage to insulate the user from electric shock. They must be tested before first issue and every six months thereafter or earlier if the insulating value is suspect, after repair, and after use without protectors.

OSHA requires that “protective equipment be maintained in a safe, reliable condition.” Gloves should be inspected for tears, holes, ozone cuts and other defects before each use. Gloves should also be inspected for any swelling or chemical contamination.

Glove Testing Services

If the electrical gloves show any signs of these defects upon inspection, they should be taken out of service for cleaning and retesting (even if they haven’t met the six month “in-service” rule). We recommend every worker have a second pair of gloves on hand just in case.

Are your Rubber Insulating Gloves being tested every six months as per OSHA regulations?

We can help you manage your testing! Our Glove Testing Services include:

  • All Rubber Insulating Glove dielectric testing in a NAIL-accredited laboratory
  • Cleaning, stamping, labeling and bagging

Full Service PPE Testing and Certification

An effective Personal Protective Equipment testing program is crucial to ensure the PPE used by workers is safe, effective, and compliant.

Let us take care of the guesswork and the logistics!

We can manage the ongoing testing of your gloves, sleeves, hot sticks, leads, blankets, and more.


  • Transport containers
  • PPE inventory management list
  • Testing schedule with proactive reminders

Empower your workforce with a PPE testing program.

Safety is not just a choice, it’s your best defense!