Worker braces to pull coworker to safety with the Escape Strap in case of an arc flash

OBERON ESCAPE STRAP – Arc Flash & Shock Rescue Device

Introducing the World’s first built-in shock contact release and arc flash rescue device.

A Lifeline When You Need It

Available in two form factors; built-in to an arc flash suit or worn as a vest.


  • Non-conductive 10’ Kevlar® rope

  • Can be used for both shock and arc flash rescue

  • Never requires retesting

  • Easily transported

  • Simple communication device

  • Available in arc flash suits, vests, and gas extraction suits

Gas Extraction Coverall with Escape Strap
GES Suit with Escape Strap
TCG 75 Coat with Escape Strap
TCG75 Suit with Escape Strap
Escape Strap Vest with cord tucked in

Oberon Escape Strap

Are you prepared to rescue a worker from a shock or an arc flash? Standards require emergency response training, including methods of safe release of victims from contact with energized electrical conductors or circuit parts.


In the absence of a better solution, safety standby workers or first responders were required to use an insulated stick with rescue hook for contact release of shock victims. This device looks like a “shepherd’s hook” and consists of a 6’ or 8’ insulated stick with an 18” hook on the end that’s used to pull a worker. However, these devices are challenging as they are difficult to use, not always that effective, and require live line tool laboratory testing at least every 2 years.


To help employers overcome these challenges, Oberon responded with an innovation called the escape strap. This practical solution consists of a non-conductive Kevlar® escape rope sewn inside of a garment using a continuous loop pattern that wraps around a worker’s shoulders and extends 10’ out the back. The escape strap rescue system includes a small pocket on the back of the garment to store the unused rope extension.


Before any work task can begin, a qualified worker shall complete job safety planning, including both shock and arc flash risk assessments, as well as identifying any special precautions before any job or work task can commence. It’s during this process that rescue procedures and necessary equipment, such as the Oberon escape strap, must be identified. As with any rescue device, a second person is required for its operation. This second person is responsible to use the Oberon escape strap if required for contact release or to pull the primary worker out of harms way.

Escape Strap Action Demonstration

Escape Strap Explanation

Oberon provides two escape strap options:

  • Built-in accessory that can be added to any TCG Series arc flash suit coat or Gas Extraction Suit coverall. This option requires pre-planning during the procurement process by updating employer arc flash PPE specifications to require that all new equipment purchased includes the escape strap feature.
  • An arc-rated vest with built-in escape strap that can be worn over any garment. This option is the most functional design considering not all energized work tasks require the use of arc flash PPE, and most employers have existing equipment that can easily be retrofitted by wearing a vest.


The best solution incorporates both options, where all new arc flash PPE is purchased with an escape strap, and vests are used to retrofit older equipment or anytime a worker may need to be rescued from either a shock or arc flash incident.


Contact us for more information on how best to use an Oberon escape strap. We work directly with our customers to provide care & use training and provide resources to help you update your electrical safety program.