Technical Services

Compliant Electrical Safety Solutions

Our Technical Services Division offers an unparalleled combination of fit for purpose and turnkey arc flash and shock solutions including safety programs, training options and custom consulting services to keep your workers safe and compliant.
  • Electrical Safety Programs
  • Training
  • Engineering Services
  • Site Audits
  • PPE Assessments & Testing
  • Custom Solutions

Our team of electrical safety specialists includes Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professionals (CESCP), electrical engineers, electricians and technicians, all with decades of industry and field experience.

We’ve been providing workplace electrical safety solutions since the inception of the NFPA 70E and the CSA Z462 Standards.

Electrical Safety Programs

Employers must have an Electrical Safety Program for compliance with the NFPA 70E or CSA Z462 Standards. We were the first ever to offer an off-the-shelf product solution that you can license and own.

Our complete documentation package is fully updated to the latest Standards and includes everything you’ll ever need to finally develop a world class program at your company.

Templated Documentation – Ready To Implement

Take control of electrical safety compliance at your facility with our comprehensive package of template files. The core Electrical Safety Program is provided with instructional files, engineering specifications, training materials, audit  documentation, forms, tables, flowcharts and more.

This can be a do-it-yourself project or fully facilitated by one of our subject matter experts. We offer a variety of programs that best suit your needs:

  • Small Contractor
  • Single Site Industrial, Commercial or Institutional
  • Enterprise Wide Organization


We offer training solutions for your entire workforce. Electrical Safety Training is more than just arc flash videos, pictures of burn injuries and storytelling. All workers require appropriate electrical safety training to be compliant.

We provide innovative solutions using eLearning, Instructor-Led training, or Blended Learning formats for your Qualified Electrical Workers, Task Qualified Workers and Non-Electrical Workers.

  • Arc Flash & Shock Training to NFPA 70E/CSA Z462
  • Electrical Safety Program Rollout Orientation Training
  • Arc Flash PPE, Tools & Equipment Training
  • Blended Applications/Practical Hands-On Training
  • Worker Competency Validation Training
  • Train the Trainer
  • Custom Course Development

Engineering Services

Our team can help you navigate your compliance to NFPA 70E/CSA Z462 requirements for incident energy analysis for arc flash hazards on your equipment, which need to be reviewed at a minimum of every five years.

We can assist with a number of services:

  • Arc flash incident energy analysis studies
  • Electrical hazard risk assessments
  • Single line diagram updates
  • Equipment labels
  • Data collection
  • General consulting support

Electrical Safety Audits

Audits are an excellent way to measure a company’s compliance to industry regulations, standards and best practices and demonstrate an employer’s due diligence in keeping workers safe.

A third-party audit, conducted by subject matter experts, objectively evaluates your organization’s electrical safety practices to highlight opportunities for improvement.

Benefits include risk identification, optimized safety protocols, employee training enhancement, operational efficiency, and continuous improvement. Audits help to reduce liability and provide a proactive approach to maintaining a safe working environment.

  • Electrical Safety Program Compliance Scorecard
  • PPE Assessments & Onsite Audits
  • External Electrical Safety Onsite Audit
  • Internal Electrical Safety Audit Training

Full Service PPE Testing and Certification

Are your Rubber Insulating Gloves being tested every six months as per regulation?

We can help you manage your testing. An effective Personal Protective Equipment testing program is crucial to ensure the PPE used by workers is safe, effective, and compliant.

We can work with you to provide an initial onsite PPE assessment and a go-forward plan to manage all of your electrical specific PPE, tools and equipment testing and certification.

Let us take care of the guesswork and the logistics!


  • Transport containers
  • Dielectric testing in a NAIL-accredited laboratory
  • Cleaning, stamping, labeling and bagging
  • PPE inventory management list
  • Testing schedule with proactive reminders

Looking for additional services? We offer customized solutions based on your unique requirements.

Take advantage of decades of industry experience and subject matter expertise to help you

improve worker safety and achieve compliance at your facility.