Author - Zac Twight

Oberon™ Wins 2023 Canadian Occupational Safety Reader’s Choice Award for Flame-Resistant Clothing

In an achievement that underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation, Oberon has proudly secured the 2023 Canadian Occupational Safety Reader's Choice Award for Flame-Resistant Clothing. This accolade not only highlights our dedication to providing top-tier safety solutions but also signifies a major stride in elevating workplace safety standards across Canada. This victory holds far-reaching implications for both Oberon and our clients, reaffirming our position as an industry leader. A Testament to Dedication and Innovation The Canadian Occupational Safety Reader's Choice Award...

CSA Z462-2021 Adds Arc Flash PPE Category 5

Significant Changes to Arc Flash PPE

The National Standard of Canada for Workplace Electrical Safety is CSA Z462. Every 3 years the CSA Z462 Technical Committee publishes a new revision of the Standard.  Arc flash PPE requirements are updated in every new edition. Up until now, these changes have been minor, such as the requirement to wear an arc-rated balaclava (2012 change). In the 2021 edition there are significant changes including a new Arc Flash PPE Category 5.

Arc Flash PPE Category...

Sharing is not caring… when it comes to Arc Flash PPE

Sharing is not caring... when it comes to Arc Flash PPE

For decades, workers have been sharing arc flash personal protective equipment, including suits, hoods and face shields but—to protect the safety and health of our workers—this age-old practice must stop immediately. Workers who share PPE are at a higher risk of being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19. In this regard, sharing is not caring. Actually caring about our workers requires employers to issue individually assigned equipment. Any PPE, tools...