Do the UV properties of the 071 series UV shield degrade over time?

When exposed to direct sunlight, you will see yellowing over the years since the UV additive can only do so much. However: the attack is confined to maybe 20 microns to the surface of the plastic, the bulk stays protected. This is why you can retain many tensile properties but do lose some notched izod. You can see the effect with accelerated weathering on a transparent grade (in this case LED2643, which is similar to 2407 but with higher light transmission)....

How do I clean my hood ventilation system (HVS)?

How to Clean and Disinfect a Hood The first step to cleaning and disinfecting an Oberon TCG™ hood is to disassemble your hood. Once done, if the shield has dirt or grit, flush it off with room temperature tap water. The next step to disinfecting a TCG™ hood window is to take a soft cloth with isopropyl alcohol or use a Lysol® wipe and gently clean both sides of the shield. This process may leave streaks as the surface dries. Once dry, use...

New CAT40 Series Hood Configuration

What hood window do I purchase for my Oberon™ CAT40 series hood? Oberon™ has upgraded the CAT40 series hood configuration from button holes with hood pins to snap fasteners. To order a replacement hood window, please consider the following information: Hood windows for CAT40 hoods manufactured prior to March 6, 2023 will need to order Oberon SKU#CAT40AFH. Hood windows for CAT40 hoods manufactured on or after March 6, 2023 will need to order Oberon SKU#TCG40AFH. OLD - CAT40 hood with button holes and hood pins NEW...

How do I disassemble an Oberon Arc Flash Hood?

  Step 1: Remove all optional accessories. Step 2: Remove the hard cap by carefully pushing in on the slot adapter clips. Step 3: Unsnap the front of the shield from the hood. Step 4: Flip the hood inside out and unzip the bladder from left to right.   The following video is a step by step guide to disassembling the Oberon Arc Flash Hood.

How should I cool the packs inside the Cooling Vest?

Place the Oberon Cooling Vest cooling packs in ice water or a refrigerator until they feel cool (approximately 1 hour). Do not freeze the packs as this will make them hard and uncomfortable to wear as well as excessively cold. The cooling packs should provide cooling to the body for approximately two hours. In extreme heat conditions or with heavy exertion, the duration of the packs may be reduced. When worn properly, the packs should feel cool at first. Your...

When discussing arc flash face shields what causes astigmatism?

The optical quality of an arc flash face shield has many variables that need to be considered. A few of the most important terms and definitions are listed below. Prismatic Power and Imbalance Prismatic power is defined as any the deviation of a ray of light through a specified point on a lens. Prism in a face shield can be produced when the front surface is not parallel to the back surface.  When light passes through the prism, the object viewed appears...

How do I know what size to get?

We have a size chart on our website that will show you how to choose the right size. Please visit our sizing chart page HERE. 

When can I expect my refund?

In case your return request is within the eligibility criteria and the returned item has been received and accepted by Oberon, a refund will be issued accordingly.  

How do I make a return or exchange?

To return any merchandise to Oberon, please contact Oberon Customer Service at 508-999-4442 or [email protected] for a Returned Goods Authorization Request Form. Customer must complete the form and return via email to [email protected]

What is your return and exchange policy?

For returns, notify Oberon Company within 14 days following delivery of any discrepancy in the order or of any damaged item to be eligible for exchange or merchandise credit. For details see https://oberoncompany.com/end-user-distributor-terms/ under Exchanges & Returns.