How should I cool the packs inside the Cooling Vest?

Place the Oberon Cooling Vest cooling packs in ice water or a refrigerator until they feel cool (approximately 1 hour). Do not freeze the packs as this will make them hard and uncomfortable to wear as well as excessively cold. The cooling packs should provide cooling to the body for approximately two hours. In extreme heat conditions or with heavy exertion, the duration of the packs may be reduced. When worn properly, the packs should feel cool at first. Your body will then acclimate to the temperature and the packs will no longer “feel” cold. They will, however, continue
to function as a “heat sink”, pulling heat away from your body core into their mass. You should not feel cold or chilled by a properly functioning Cooling Vest. For extended use, consider keeping a second set in a small cooler filled with ice water, for example, and rotate the two sets.

Category: Body Protection