How do I clean the inside of my arc flash hood?

How do I clean the inside of my arc flash hood?

The first step to cleaning and disinfecting an Oberon TCG™ hood is to disassemble your hood.  Once done, if the shield has dirt or grit, flush it off with room temperature tap water.

The next step to disinfecting a TCG™ hood window is to take a soft cloth with isopropyl alcohol or use a Lysol® wipe and gently clean both sides of the shield. This process may leave streaks as the surface dries. Once dry, use a soft clean cloth and lightly wipe off any streaks or film left on the shield from impurities in the wipes.

As an alternative method a 2% solution of Clorox® Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite or NaOCL) and cool water can be used.   Apply the solution by gently spraying the face shield and then allowing it to evaporate.  Once dry, the shield can be rinsed off with cool tap water.

To clean and disinfect the fabric portion of a hood first remove the shield and launder the hood per the washing instructions on the hood label.  The steps above will help to remove most of the dirt, germs, and possible viruses that could be on the hood after use.

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