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100 Cal Arc Flash Suits with Light and Vent


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To Wash or Not to Wash … That Should NOT be the Question.

“How should we be washing and caring for our arc-rated PPE?” is a question that I am asked frequently when working with companies on electrical safety issues across the country. The answer to that question has changed a bit, as we continue to deal with the effects of Covid-19.
The one common notion in almost all of these discussions is that arc-rated clothing is hardly being laundered. It was the same… read more

Gold Face Shields in the Hot Workplace

Workers in Foundries and Smelteries are exposed to high heat during their work casting metals into molds. Heating up metal requires extremely high levels of heat. Stainless steel, for instance, melts at ~2750°, which creates a dangerous level of radiant heat.
Gold has a special property that is used in face shields to reflect that radiant heat away from the wearer. The worker is exposed to less heat and is feeling… read more

Arc Flash PPE Inspection Information

Arc Flash PPE Inspection Information

Inspecting an Arc flash suit takes between 3-5 minutes to thoroughly inspect a suit. Besides being required per NFPA 70E Putting a suit into service with compromised protective properties can have serious consequences

NFPA 70E 2021 states in 130.7 (13): “Arc Rate Apparel shall be inspected before each use.  Work clothing or arc flash suits that are contaminated or damaged to the extent that their protective qualities… read more


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