ASTM F1506 Standards

When it comes to labeling Arc Flash PPE it is important to refer to ASTM F1506 Standards.

Even after assessing the hazard risks and selecting the appropriate Arc Flash PPE, it still falls on the employer to ensure that each garment truly matches the hazard it’s designed to protect against. That’s why it’s especially important to identify proper labeling on the part of the manufacturer as an indicator that the garment is fully compliant.

According to ASTM F1506, arc flash garments must be labeled with the following information:

  • 6.4.1  Meets requirements of Performance Specification F1506,
  • 6.4.2  Manufacturer’s name,
  • 6.4.3  Fabric identifier,
  • 6.4.4  Garment Tracking and Identification Code:
  • 6.4.5  Size and other associated standard labeling,
  • 6.4.6  Care instructions and fiber content, and
  • 6.4.7  Arc rating (ATPV) or arc rating (EBT).

In the most recent version of NFPA 70E the labeling requirements for PPE is also mentioned and is as follows:

(c) Marking. All suppliers or manufacturers of PPE shall provide the following information on the personal protective equipment, on the smallest unit container, or contained within the manufacturer’s instructions:

  1. Name of manufacturer.
  2. Product performance standards to which the product conforms.
  3. Arc rating where appropriate for the equipment.
  4. One or more identifiers such as model, serial number, lotnumber, or traceability code.
  5. Care instructions.

There is a lot of redundancy between the two standards and so it is easy to incorporate both standards into one label.  It is an important practice to make a habit of reading your labels to better protect yourself and your crew from any potential electrical safety hazards.