Arc Flash PPE Inspection Information

Arc Flash PPE Inspection Information

Arc Flash PPE Inspection Information

Inspecting an Arc flash suit takes between 3-5 minutes to thoroughly inspect a suit. Besides being required per NFPA 70E Putting a suit into service with compromised protective properties can have serious consequences

NFPA 70E 2021 states in 130.7 (13):

 “Arc Rate Apparel shall be inspected before each use.  Work clothing or arc flash suits that are contaminated or damaged to the extent that their protective qualities are impaired shall not be used. Protective items that become contaminated with grease, oil or other flammable liquids or combustible materials should not be used.”

Whether you have your own suit, check one out on a per project basis or have a community suit, it is the user’s responsibility to inspect arc flash PPE before each use.

Below are examples of items that were pulled out of service upon inspection and the reasons why:

PPE Inspection Information

Left: These are a pair of bibs with oil-based paint overspray on both legs. Oil based paint is a flammable accelerant and would reduce the ability for the Bibs to protect form the arc flash and imped the self-extinguishing abilities of the bibs.

How to Inspect Arc Flash PPE example

Right: This hood has a tear in the double sewn seam all the way through. During an arc flash event this seam would create a weak area in the arc flash protection.

In Conclusion:

Inspecting your arc flash PPE is simple and something everyone can do to create a safer environment inside of the arc flash boundary. About 20% of all of the suits I inspect have an issue with one part or another where the protection is compromised, do yourself and your family a favor and inspect your arc flash PPE.

You can contact the author Russell Silver for questions at [email protected]