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Oberon Manufacturing Facility Tour

Oberon Manufacturing Facility

375 Faunce Corner Road, Unit E, North Dartmouth, MA 02747

Office and Board Room

Customer Service Office with 7 Executive Offices, Meeting Room, Lunch/Break Room and Board Room.


Large Sewing Department with multiple sewing machines as well as embroidery machines for custom embroidering for customers. Quilting Machine allows for in-house quilting for heavy arc flash products and markers are designed and sent to Eastman automated fabric spreading and cutting operation.


In-House Molding Department with multiple molding machines with laser engraver for serial numbers and robot arms for mold extractions.


Dedicated Coating Room space for applying Gold, Hard Coat, or Anti Fog solutions.

Tool Room

Tool Room with various tools for building molds including a CNC Cutter as well as a 3D printer for designing prototypes.

Testing Room

Test Room with Spectrophotometer and air pressured impact machine for testing the quality of material.

Inventory Space

Different Storage Locations for materials or products with a caged inventory space for locking necessary materials.

Loading Dock

Large Loading Dock with 3 loading bay doors, dedicated access for shipping, and external dumpster outlet.

Lunch Room

Closed off space for lunch/break room with multiple microwaves, refrigerator, full fridge and snack machines allows for quiet break.