ASTM F2178 TCG100™ Calorie Hood Test

ASTM F1930 Flash Fire Testing of CAT40™ Series

Arc Flash Hood Ventilation System and Light Testing

Arc Flash Glove Cutting Machine

ASTM F2178 ARC100™ Calorie Hood Test

Oberon Arc Suppression Blanket Testing

Meat Packing Plant Arc Flash Incident

Oberon Arc Flash Hood Assembly & Disassembly

ASTM F1930 Gas Extraction Suit Testing

ASTM F1959 Fabric Panel Test of LAN40™ Series

Oberon FR Shirt vs. Poly/Cotton Shirt

Oberon TCG12™ Arc Flash Shield Testing

ASTM F2178 LAN2ST™ Hood Testing

Oberon's Ricoma Embroidery Machine